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First, I'm going to answer the question that everyone's been asking: how do I get to travel so much? The answer is quite simple really, my husband's career requires him to travel every week. Since he travels so much, he has earned a companion pass - which allows me to travel for free domestically and internationally. So of course, I take advantage of every opportunity to hop on a plane with him! I wish I did a blog on our honeymoon to Paris and Dubai, but I was having too much fun and I was overwhelmed with being a newlywed. So, I decided that I was going to write one on my Texas tour! In the period of one week we visited San Antonio, Dallas and South Padre Island...below are my experiences in each city.

San Antonio

San Antonio was probably the most boring city I have ever visited. You can explore the whole city in one day, like San Francisco. There is absolutely nothing to do here other than The Riverwalk. The Riverwalk is the life vein of the city; along the river there are over 40 restaurants. I would have to say that this location would be perfect for food bloggers. The food was "eh;" and the hotel that we stayed at was OK. There hasn't been any new development along the Riverwalk in over 11 years, so that explains why the hotels look so "basic." There is a huge retirement community by so the Riverwalk, that explains why the people there are boring "asf". Unfortunately, there's really nothing else I can say about this place because it was that boring. I wouldn't recommend visiting this place unless you have nothing else to do; or unless your visiting your grandparents. I definitely will not be coming back, but at least I can check it off my bucket list ( it was never on my bucket list).


Now, of course, Dallas is more metropolitan so there are dozens of places to eat, drink and party. When we went to Dallas we stayed at The W Hotel because we' re SPG members; so in any city where we visit we stay at these upscale,contemporary and chic properties - which is my style! The W is our second home. Unfortunately, on this trip we only stayed for a day,so I spent most of the time at soaking up the sun on the roof top pool; and caught up on CityRepublik work. I definitely cannot wait to go back to Dallas and explore more!

South Padre Island

This peninsula is perfect for beach bums. And I am using the term "beach bum" literally. Here is a quick background on the city. The socio-economic profile of most of the people here are Hispanic, since it's by Mexico; and white. Most of the people here are blue collar workers, so basically the city is poor. You will not find any five star hotels here. This beach is basically where everyone in Texas goes to get decent clean beach water. But, me being an island girl, the lack of luxury doesn't bother me. All I need to be happy is a beautiful sunset, great drinks and my husband. I kind of like this place because it's very simple beach lifestyle; it takes me back to the simple island-life of Trinidad. Last night we saw fireworks while looking for a place to eat dinner. Which led us to Louies' Bar and Grill. It was located 5 mins from our hotel (The Hilton). This area had a bunch of different bars and restaurants; it looked like the most popular part of South Padre Island. There's something about being on the beach at night that brings me so much peace; and the weather was perfect! Not sure if I'd come back here again, but I'm definitely glad I visited!

Whelp, that's all I have to say about my week-long Texas Tour! I'm not much of writer (or a very good one, at that!). But, if you guys enjoyed this post, please comment below, and I'll definitely try write more often. I hope that this helps y'all out if you are interested in coming to Texas! *I actually live in Houston, so if you ever visit HTX, slide into my DM!!



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