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Szza Super Curlz


Is this a Full Wig or Half Wig? 
Full Wig: Which means that you don't have to leave you hair out in the front. 28 inches long
What is the hair texture? 
This is a synthetic curly full wig with the look and feel of genuine Human hair! With extreme volume, super soft texture and bounce; be prepared to be showered with compliments!
Note: Model is wearing wig after a month of being worn.
No Refunds available on hair, it can not be repackage and sold.   

Caring for your Curlz

1. Gently shampoo in moderate temperature water. Rinse in cold water

2. Squeeze excess water, drip dry. Do not use external heat or brush while wet.

3. Use curly iron between 320- 360 degrees rolling hair for about 10sec allowing fibers to cool.

4. For tighter Curlz with ceramic irons, place paper on ends before rolling

5. Brush your Curlz out for styling options 

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