Is this your 1st wig?

    We are proud to say that we have had hundreds of first time wig buyers fall in love with our protective styles! For those of you that are looking for a healthy way to switch up your look, wigs will become your new BFF! Wig are by far one of the best protective styles because it completely eliminates breakage and promotes natural hair growth. You can take it off whenever you want and tend to your natural hair daily!

    No more spending hundreds for dollars for bundles or sitting in a chair for hrs to get your hair did! Wigs are such a convenient way to keep your look fresh while keeping them guessing. Most of our wigs are synthetic but they look and feel like human hair. If you don't believe us just check out our reviews under each product!

There are only 2 Types of Wigs:

Since most of our wig are full wigs; that means it doesn't require you to leave any of your hair out.

Click here for the Raven Full Wig


Half wigs mean that you have the option to blend in your natural hair. A lot of people actually wear half wigs as a full wig by creating bangs!

Click Here for the Nia Long Wig



Tips on how to take care of your wig! 

Our wigs are meant to last over 3 months. If your wig isn't lasting that long hopefully these tips help! First we highly recommend putting the wig back in the the bag after wearing it. Something even better than that would be to buy a wig head if your about that life! You can find a cheap wig head on amazon, Click here to buy a wig head


Second we recommend co-washing the wig every 1-2 weeks if needed. The best thing about curly hair is that it starts to look more natural with time. You can use any conditioner that you use in your natural hair. Please make sure that you let it air dry, DO NOT blow dry your hair it will ruin the curls.

The Nia Long Wig is higher maintenance wig because it is solong; we all know that wig long hair comes more responsibility! Since you will be laying on it often it tends to tangle more easily. So we highly suggest combing out the back of the wig daily after usage to avoid tangling.


Hair Color Types:

Color No.1 & 1B : Is Black 
Color No. 1B30: Black mixed with caramel highlights 
Color No. 1B33: Black mixed with reddish highlights
Color No. 2:  Dark Brown 
Color No. 4: Brown
Color No. 430: Brown with Caramel highlights 
Color No.  427: Brown with blonde Highlights 


If you have questions on how to match your hair color feel free to reach us in the chat and comment below! Hopefully this helps you a little! Thank you so much for shopping with us!


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Hello! I am having trouble styling my wig. Do you have any tutorials?

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