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 Last month, I had the pleasure of working with 30 small, black-owned businesses as a way to promote and drive awareness to all of the amazing products manufactured and sold within our respective black communities.   

I was inspired when make-up maven and YouTube influencer @JackieAina aka AUNTY JACKIE, supported CityGirlCurlz by purchasing a number of our most popular style, the Raven Curlz.  I was truly honored and humbled by her generosity and promotion of our brand.  She’s been a loyal customer since.

Seeing how she supported my business, it was put my heart to "pay-it-forward." So I came up with the idea to give free promotional reviews on 30 products owned or manufactured by small, black-owned businesses.  The response has been amazing: over 200 business submitted products for consideration.  Not only have I reviewed great products, but I was surprised by how many female are entrepreneurs running their own businesses.  Hear their stories of how they started their business has motivated me to continue to collaborate with more black-owned business across multiple industries.  



The first business that I had the pleasure of working with was an event planner in New York City for my birthday! @ninefifteen.Eventplanning made my 26th so special. They we were so detailed and they made sure that my vision to life. I felt so comfortable leaving everything up to them. The cake was absolute perfection and she customized everything from the menu down to the candle and rose petals. I couldn’t thought of a better way to start this endeavor.




When I came back from my New York trip I was greeted with a home visit from @infinitymassage. I had so much fun turning my office space into a massage room. The massage was the perfect way to wine down for the bday maddness 




This was the most amazing skin moisturizer I’ve ever used in my life.  Keeps my skin moist throughout the whole entire day and it makes my skin look so luminous. Also,my husband can’t get a enough of the amazing smell! I love this product so much that just I bought 3 bottles myself so I wouldn’t run out. I highly recommend trying out this product I use it daily. If you want to try them out Apply my code (Sunflower) for 15% off. The scent I use is Taire Blossom



 This face and lips scrub become part of my weekly skin care routines. During this experience I got to work with over 15 natural organic skincare companies. This company also turned out to be one of  my favorites! 



 Would you ever try micro blading? Never In my life did I think I would! This experience made the impossible possible. It took 2 hrs and it’s sooooo painful in the beginning before the numbing cream kicked in. It felt like I was getting tattoo on my face. But @divinebeautybarhtx look really good care of me. She was so patient and she made sure to explain everything to me. To be the brows this the most important part of your face, so Of course I was afraid to make such a permanent decision. They came out looking so natural and  I love waking up in the morning and seeing my brow on fleek! Now I have perfect brows for a whole year! If you’re in Houston you should definitely hit her up she's mobile!

I'm also rocking my favorite Princess lashes from  @narassicticlashes


These flower earrings was beautiful birthday gift from @itsbanafrit 

I loved them so much that I planned the whole concept around it. 



 This oil definitely came in handy on those days when I didn’t feel like doing my hair and I was constantly wearing wigs. All I had to do was spray this on my scalp and put my wig cap on. You got to make sure to always take care of your natural hair especially when it’s under a wig. 



 This palette was so pigmented and I absolutely love the colors on my skin 




 When I tell you that I have never felt material that felt as smooth and soft as my skin! The quality of this fitness apparel  is amazing and I literally want to wear it every single day. This number made me fall in love with the color pink!

  I didn’t want to bore you by posting all 30 businesses so those were my top 10 favorite businesses. I’ll post the rest on my instagram.

I enjoy doing this so much that I decided to keep this going on a monthly basis. Every month I’ll be picking 3 Small black businesses to promote for free!

If you’re interested in doing promotion with me please email 

I you guys enjoyed! Love you guys! Feel free to comment below



Nosiru Sherifat

Nosiru Sherifat

U Inspire me so much and I so much love Ur free spirit hope to meet some day. Cheers*

Nosiru Sherifat

Nosiru Sherifat

U Inspire me so much and I so much love Ur free spirit hope to meet some day. Cheers*

Lma Beauty

Lma Beauty

We appreciate the support Phylicia showed to all small black business owners. You are such a role model owning two successful business is such an accomplishment! God bless you .

Dayana Narcisse

Dayana Narcisse

It was a great time working with Phylicia . Not only did she consistently promote my brand , she had very nice feedback to give to me as well. She took many photos, videos, and posted this amazing blog. She’s always been an inspiration to me and I was so happy to collab with her !!

xoxo – NarcissiticCreations

Dezaree’ Lusk

Dezaree’ Lusk

From Divine Beauty Bar, LLC (
It was truly a blessing to work with Ms. Phylicia! With her always being in the spotlight, we had to make sure we created the “Perfect Brows” for her! Scratch the “eyebrows are sisters, not twins” quote! We wanted to make sure that her brows would be very natural, realistic for all of her appearances and with her husband right by her side, he was able to point out different areas that the light will hit on her brows and recent photos of how they love her brows! Most importantly, she was humble, genuine and shared business tips with me. Selling hair as well is always a struggle when meeting other business owners because everyone likes to say “everyone sells hair,” but Mrs. Phylicia took a chance on my company and saw passed that aspect of Divine Beauty Bar. I truly appreciate what she’s doing and pray that God continues to order her footsteps so that she can keep paving the way for others ❤️??‍♀️✨



A beautiful spirit, gracious smile, and exceptional entrepreneur makes a strong and beautiful woman! It was wonderful working with Phylicia, she is very personable and inspiring! Great at networking, marketing and enhancing small businesses! Keep excelling in all your work ventures, God Bless-Infinity Massage

Stephanie Dominici

Stephanie Dominici

Planning your birthday was a major honor. You were such an easy client to work with and gave us a clear vision on what you wanted. You are such a kind hearted and genuine person. I truly hope we continue to do business together for many years to come. You are amazing!!!

-NineFifteen Event Planning

Naturally Akemi

Naturally Akemi

Thank you for your support! I believe what you are doing for small businesses is great! I appreciate your guidance and willingness to share crucial information every small business owner should know. Thank you for being so open and honest! I wish you many blessings! ???

-Akemi Briggs, Naturally Akemi

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