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  • Hurricane Harvey #shopforacause

    Phylicia Benn

    Posted on October 15 2017

    Hurricane Harvey #shopforacause
    You all should be aware of the recent devastation that happened here in Houston. We are...
  • So You're Vegan Now?

    Phylicia Benn

    Posted on July 26 2017

    So You're Vegan Now?
    Two weeks ago I decide to go on a 2 week plant based diet. It's random; I know. Everyon...
  • Hollywood Carnival Experience.

    Phylicia Benn

    Posted on July 02 2017

    Hollywood Carnival Experience.
    I really don't want to sound rude but.. here goes nothing. I feel like should of create...
  • Texas Tour

    Phylicia Benn

    Posted on June 09 2017

    Texas Tour
    First, I'm going to answer the question that everyone's been asking: how do I get to tr...


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