Hidden Gems of Tulum

 Here’s the updated guide I promised! I  noticed that you ladies are planning to visit Tulum in 2020 I hope this helps. Well first off congratulations on booking your next vacation! Tulum is perfect for a solo trip, couples retreat or a girls trip. Tulum is one of my favorite places on earth right now. I’discovered it in 2017. Since then I go at least once for twice a year. Every time I go I leave feeling filled and refreshed! and  I’m always ready to go back. This trip is so affordable. $1500 for 5 days including ticket, Transportation, food and stay. I fly with Southwest I use their cheap flight calendar whenever I travel domestically. *gem


So you’ll fly into Cancun, Mexico. Now prepare yourself for a 2 Hour drive from to Tulum. I went through Expedia. All The hotels on the beach are pretty affordable ranging from as low as $80 - $400 a night.The more expensive hotels like Casa Malca, BE Tulum are closed to the public. Casa Malca (  Pablo Escobar‘s mansion) now charges a cover for $65 USD. Not worth it. But every other hotel is pretty much open to the public. You can use the pool, bar and restaurant as long as you grab something to eat or drink. You definitely will not have a problem finding and hotel it’s a matter of which one. I use hotels.com to book. Buy your own alcohol to because the drinks on the beach suck, you know how hotels are.



My favorite hotels to stay at so Coco Limited hotel or Coco Hotel. Tell Issac I said hey! Lol they’re sister properties, prices start at $80 and they have AC! Oh yeah I forgot to tell you, a lot of the hotels on the beach are eco-friendly, therefore might not have AC. This can be a problem depending on what time of year you’re going.   If you’re going between June and August  it’s too hot to have fun. You’re going to be very pissed off at night try to go to sleep in the heat. I’d like to also recommend checking out Airbnb‘s in the city. This is perfect for groups you can find villas for as low as $120 that have five bedrooms and a private pool, it’s  ridiculous!  You can really be out In Tulum living lavishly!  

There’s dozens of little boutique restaurants on the Tulum strip to eat from as well.  There’s definitely no shortage of food. Omg. the food there is amazing everything is so affordable and delicious and fresh! Oh my gosh it’s going to be so easy for you to eat healthy out there. The fish taste like they caught it from the sea that morning! Honestly, the best way to explore to the beach is just to get on the bike and just ride. Shop everywhere, eat everything.  That’s what I love the most about Tulum. Being able to get on the bike and get everywhere. I felt like a big kid again! The strip is not that long so you  definitely explore all of the little beach within three days. 


 “Let’s have a Keke”

The nightlife in Tulum City is pretty lit! If you want to hear reggaeton all night that’s where to go. The drinks are better and you get to party with the locals. I definitely felt safe there but be wary of the drug dealers trying to sell you cocaine and weed. They’re just gonna walk up to you and ask you straight up if you want drugs. But they’re not aggressive. But other than that it’s amazing and there’s some restaurants in that area too. Grab dinner and then end the night partying across the street. The clubs in the city don’t close until 4am. If you’re staying on the beach your cabdriver should know where to go because there’s only one area that has clubs.


Here’s some gems for things to do while on Tulum Beach. Tulum beach has certain nights that are popoin. Certain restaurants and hotels host parties and events. On Thursdays you can Salsa dance at Casa Jaguar. That different by the time you get there so you can check with them.


Clandestino, it’s a cenote bar. You could swim and drink and eat food but it’s barfood and honestly the food isn’t that great. I just go for the photo opp lol. They also turn in to a club at night no sure what days this Papaya Playa  hotel that’s known for having really lit parties on Saturdays. They have a cover of $35.

 Another cute cenote is Cenote Calavara 

Dinner plans? You must to go to Gitano Fridays or Saturday night dinner, the food is amazing ! It’s one of those beautiful bougie elegant. It has a beautiful romantic ambience.  After enjoying dinner dance the night away with a live band. They also just extended it with a bar, patio with a rooftop now! They have a location in New York now too! Rosa Negra is a lot another amazing restaurant that’s open for dinner.  



I also wanted to share this place with you guys. It’s called Uh May. Its a breathtaking holistic center. Azklik Hotel opened it up last year. They’re expensive, located on the Tulum strip.  I’m glad they open up this place so that other people can enjoy the architecture because their hotel start off at like $500 a night. I fell in love with the space.  I hope you get a chance to see it in person yourself here’s the address.  it’s actually an hour away from the beach. We rented a car on the last trip. It helped a lot  because we were switching Airbnb‘s a lot.  We saved money in cab fare and it’s surprisingly easy to use the GPS to get around to.



Azulik Uh May - Grulla 23 Francisco Uh May ZC 77796



There’s ATMs all up and down the strip so you’ll have no problem finding cash. A lot of the hotels and places take card Anyways. Just be prepared for that feee. Make sure you barter with the cab drivers because they will try you.  PAY THEM IN PESOS. OK that’s all I can think of right now. If you have any questions feel free to DM me so that I can add it to the blog . Safe travels and many blessings to you on this journey I hope you fall in love with Tulum like I did.



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