Hollywood Carnival Experience.

I really don't want to sound rude but.. here goes nothing. I feel like should of created my own costume, walked in the parade and saved my coins. I mean, everyone else off the street was doing it! The costumes were bomb tho! The best looking costumes of the few, and it was poorly made. But! We looked cute though.( hopefully you can sense extreme sarcasm here) 


On top of that. The promoters had a bunch of filipino girls on the truck, dancing WITH HEELS 👠 on, the whole time!  ( OK Beyoncé). I understand that you got to have your publicity, but why not pick public figures that represent the Caribbean people. There was only 1 dark skin Trini model up there. But she being a real trini, was on the ground dancing with everyone ( which is the REAL experience). It was so disappointing to see my culture become a traveling circus show here in America. Carnival has now become so sensationalize and commercialize like everything else in the media.


What are your thoughts on that? Please feel free to politely and respectfully find some home training and comment below 🙏🏾


Anywho!! My cousin and I went for the experience, and THAT we did have! We have the pictures to show because they don't lie! Lol Enjoy



We smiled from from start to finish! 




Ooooo the lil chucky poo poo mass baby 👶🏽 ( having baby fever over here lol) 


The women representing the dark skin queens! 

I just loved this costume and her body is yes! 


Can you guess what song we're "ducking" to?!! Lol 😝 


I was on my worst behavior 😏😂😂  

Someone who made their costume 



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