So You're Vegan Now?

Two weeks ago I decide to go on a 2 week plant based diet. It's random; I know. Everyone around me thought it was too lol. If it wasn't for my friend Tori recommending that documentary on Netflix called What The Heath. I wouldn't of thought of it either.  When I watched that documentary I was astonished by the facts and evidence provided showing how health organizations ( American Heart Association, American Diabetes Association etc. ) are actually sponsored by the very organizations who are killing us ( M&M, Yoplat, Coca-Cola, Tyson etc.) The people who are supposed to be protecting us, are killing us. Doesn't that sound for familiar to you guys? After watching that documentary I thought I would be so ignorant to continue eating meat. There was no way that I was going to help to government use and kill me! If I truly loved myself and by body,I had to make a change. 


Yeah, It sucked at first.

So the next day I cut out meat, cold turkey! The next day I was on a plant-based diet. My body immediately went into cleansing mode for 4- 5 days. It was horrible! I'm not trying to gross anyone out that but my 💩 wasn't normal density. For 2 weeks it was very running and to stop that I had to eat lots of wheat and rice. I was determined to see the benefits of a vegan diet. I noticed around breakfast time that vegan diet wasn't for me when I realized that I couldn't eat eggs. By the second week second I developed sweet tooth I guess to substitute the meat. Ugh, I was going through withdrawals bad yo. I was constantly nauseous ( I believe from lack of iron). So I implemented Fish Oil Vitamins and vitamin B complex (which I didn't take daily) like I should of.

A New Good Habit


(My new love for acai bowls ) 

I also develop a deep love for avocados and fresh fruit. I tired my best to find healthy snacks thanks to Pinterest. It was actually fun scouting out cute vegan spots. My new favorite snack is smoothies. I got tired of smoothie king taking all my money so I started to make them at home!.

( That cute vegan place I was taking about ) 


After trying this vegan challenge of decided that I'm going to be a Pescatarian. I realize that going cold turkey wasn't the method for me. I grew up in the Caribbean household where oxtails and curry chicken was a normal occurrence. Every time we eat pork we love the fattiest parts. Yum! Anyways, I am currently substituting meat with fish while balancing being a part time vegetarian. I'm so glad I challenge myself because this was definitely a huge wake up call. Enough for me to want to change. If you decide to try the vegan life, do it for yourself. Not because it's now a relevant trend. Do it because you truly seek change!   

Yummmmmm. Avocado Toast 🔥🔥🔥





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