Tulum Travel Guide

If you’re thinking about going to Tulum, it’s definitely a great place to visit!  If you haven’t been, it’s definitely a place you need add to your bucket list Sis! I’m so happy I got to cross Tulum off my bucket list. From Houston to Cancun it took less than two hours to get there. From Cancun to Tulum it was another hour and a half drive (and worth it). We booked our private shuttle through TripAdvisor. When we got to Tulum, there were people walking up and down the street and riding bikes everywhere - which is something I don’t do enough of!  Tulum is definitely a “interactive” tourist environment.

There’s no WiFi in the city unless you’re at a hotel or in a restaurant. Having limited WiFi was extremely cathartic; it allowed me to submerge myself into the environment with no distractions from the media and the outside world. 

We stayed a very eco-friendly resort powered solely by renewable wind-generated electricity.  My husband and I checked into our Bungalow on the beach, where the Mayan Wind God never stopped blowing. The hotel we stayed at was Nuevea De Vida de Romero.  The bungalows had no AC; and as a measure to preserve electricity, there was only one outlet to charge our devices. The beds were hard and uncomfortable; and we had to use bottled water to brush her teeth. It was definitely a “glamping” experience lol.


The service wasn’t that all that great either. Dispite all, I have to admit, I enjoied watching the sun rise over the Caribbean in the mornings. Another benefit of staying at a hotel with limited service lol, it kept us out of the hotel and eager to explore other hotels and the local area of Tulum.  Staying at an eco-friendly bungalow was a new experience for us. It brought me back to my roots; it felt like I was back home in Trinidad. 

What I love the most about Tulum is the fact that we can get on our bikes (most hotels provide bike rentals) and tour the city. We rode our bikes up and down Tulum; and when we were hungry, we parked our bikes and walked into a variety of restaurants up and down the street! There are so many restaurants to choose from we ate at six different restaurants for lunch and dinner. You will have absolutely no problem finding something to eat because everything taste good there! 

We saw this place on the way to Casa Malca and I ended up having the best vegan ice cream ever! 

If your looking to find a rooftop to relax, drink, eat good food and listen to jams try The Jungle Rooftop. It was so good we ate there twice! Lol 

My husband ending up liking Tulum more than he expected. It was the perfect way for us to celebrate our 1 year anniversary.  He actually feels like Tulum is safe enough for me to come back here with my friends. So, Sis, if your man is worried about your safety, just implement a normal measure a caution as you should whentravelling in a third-world county, and you’ll have no worries in Tulum.  It’s a fun and safe place for a girls trip.

Tulum has a variety of hotels, from 5 Star/$1700 per night to 2 Star/$100 a night.  It’s your choice; and each will give you a unique experience. The exchange rate is for every US dollars is about 18 pesos. There were multiple money exchange stores in the city.

Quick math! Who much would this be in U.S dollars?? Comment below! 



I loved visiting Tulum so much; I can’t wait to go back and experience it with my friends and family! Feel free to comment below! Thank you so much for reading.

P.S: All the outfits I wore on this trip can be found in our Resort Collection.





Enjoyed reading your story. Makes me want to book my next getaway. Thanks for the insight on Tulum. Definitely a place to consider.



Loved reading about your adventures in Tulum! It looks like your truly immersed yourself in the culture! I can’t wait to plan a girl’s trip! Thanks for sharing :)



Loved all of your fab outfits on this trip. Will definately look into Tulum as a vacation spot.



OMG your IG story was so full of positive loving energy that I would have never thought that the place you stayed at was blah!! I love the fact also that you did not focus on that bad experience but made the most out of that trip and saw the good that the bad hotel ex brought you!!! Thank you for sharing and continue to inspire through your positive energy!!!?

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